[SOLVED] Marketplace issue changing tags and version ranges

I wanto to (re)publish a binding beta version on the Marketplace:

  • I have seen some marketplace entries have now version ranges in the title, eg. [4.0.0,).
    I imagine this is for filtering bundles to specific OH3/4 versions.
    Where is this documented/announced?
  • on the post if I try to set tags to add the published tag, the web page returns Internal Server Error popup. Actually this happens on this post as well.
    Is there an issue with OH Discourse??


This feature was already part of OH for some time but it only makes sense to use it when many incompatibilities exist between versions, see:

The format of the version ranges follows Maven’s standard. See 7 Understanding Maven Version Numbers.

Some things I’ve run into to be aware of:

  • if creating a new 4 version, remember to go back to the 3.4.x posts and change the ) to ] so that older version doesn’t show up for those running OH 4
  • If using ], make the version something greater than the current version of OH to account for future patches (e.g. [3.2.0, 3.4.9])

Did you find a solution for this? I’m trying for the first time to push a binding to the Marketplace, but also getting this when trying to select tags:


thanks for the info on the versioning in the title…

no: the OH community site still returns this error for me when I try to edit tags.
Tried both on Chrome and Safari on iOS, same error!

After the forum software upgrade now I can change tags again.

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