[SOLVED] Master Volume Slider for Bose Soundtouch Multiroom control

Hy to everyone!

First of all special thx to @tailor for his idea for the widget to control sonos speaker.
Based on this widget, i created my own widget to control my Bose Soundtouch Multiroom System.

Now i woud like to create a Widget to controle the Volume levels of all Soundtouch devices with one Slider.

My Problem: For example i set the volume of Esszimmer to 30% and the Volume of Wohnzimmer to 15%.
When i Group the Volume items and connect them to a masterslider, all volume levels will have the same Value after touching the slider.

Has someone an Idea how to controll all levels with one slider?
Masterslider down 5% --> Esszimmer 25%, Wohnzimmer 10%
Masterslider up 10% --> Esszimmer 35%, Wohnzimmer 20%

thanks for your help and sorry for my english :wink:

I am going to venture an idea.

Use a dummy slider
In a change rule detect the difference between previousState and newState
Pass the difference to the sliders in a forEach loop for the group


Thanks for your idea.

I dont wrote own rules until now.
do you maybee hava a code snippet for me, how i can handel this?

Ok, I’m not great too but let’s have a go.

rule "Change all Dimmers"
    Item MasterDimmer changed
    var previousValue = MasterDimmer.previousState as Number
    var newValue = MasterDimmer.state as Number
    var Difference = newValue - previousValue
    DimmerGroup.forEach( i | i.sendCommand((i.state as Number) + Difference))

The different Dimmers should be dimmer items and put in the DimmerGroup group

Hope it works. Haven’t tried it though



Thanks a lot!
I will try this tonight!

Hi … actually looks exactly what I am looking for … @code723 would you share your widget ?
Or did you already share ?

It’s a standard widget included in HABPanel

Are you refering to the custom widget to be installed from Widget Gallery?
Or is there a different one?

I think you are talking about the widget in the OP. I was talking about the one he wanted to control ALL of them at once

Hello Sorry … maybe I am not clear enough … actually quite new on openhab and specially the idea to control also my bose soundtouch group.
Maybe my questions in at least my logical order .

  1. Which Bose binding to be used
    My status : right now I am using Ver 2.3 coming with stable Openhab disty 2.3
    I managed to get it running : Volume , Mute ON/OFF working … but could not figure out how to send Player Control ( either from Basic UI or using Custom Widget downloaded from HabPanel)
  2. Which widget is best to use , I so the example on top of this threat … which looks exactly like i was planning to set it up …
  3. Maybe my last one … how to handle the zone control in best way
    Sorry for many question … even I dont know if its right place to raise.

Open a new topic…
I don’t use Bose