[SOLVED] [max] What is Thermostat Window Open Duration?

The MAX! binding has an advanced setting called Thermostat Window Open Duration with an English description of “Set the Thermostat Window Open Duration”, while the German description says “Zeigt die Dauer der Fenster-Auf-Temperatur (in °C) an” which translates to something like “Displays the duration of the window open temperature (in °C)”. The description does not make any sense to me – how can a duration be given in °C? The default value – whatever it means – seems to be 15.

I haven’t found any further mentioning, let alone description of this property, and I wonder what it is about?

Peeking at the MAX!CUL binding, there is something like windowOpenDetectTime - Rounded down to the nearest 5 minutes – could it be this? But then I still don’t really understand what this property represents…!?

If it was possible to set a delay between the window open trigger from the shutter contact and the thermostat reacting to it by going into window open mode, that would be really cool, because that is exactly what I need for our balcony door.

Can anyone enlighten me?


see here. (it’s in german, only!)


For our non native german speakers:

What is the window OPEN function?

The MAX! System controls with an open window, e.g. when ventilating, automatically lower the temperature to save heating energy and costs:

If no MAX! window contact is installed in the room, the radiator thermostat automatically detects a strong drop in temperature. In this case, the room temperature is regulated for 15 minutes to the set window OPEN temperature (12 ° C, factory setting).

In conjunction with a MAX! window contact, the opening is detected in a timely manner and regulated accordingly.

After closing the window, the MAX! radiator thermostat returns to the original mode (manual operation or auto). When changing to auto mode, the system then sets the desired temperature (set in the weekly program). While the window is open, all changes from MAX! Cube are suppressed.
A manual operation in the room on the radiator or on the MAX! wall thermostat is still possible. The Eco function is also switched OFF in this room for this period.

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Looks like a wrong translation. Can you come up with a fix for it?

Thanks, @Celaeno1 for the helpful link.

And yes, I can fix it. I plan to address this issue also. I am also going to update the documentation page of the binding. However, I won’t be able to do it before mid January or so.


Great :+1: Sounds good.

Created an issue at https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues/4605