[SOLVED] Measure boot time (Pi)

can anyone tell me an indicator for the full boot of OH2? Is there any “last job” OH is doing? I want to measure it, but i dont know when OpenHab goes from boot to normal operation. I see if there are no more rulefile initializations, but they are variable.

Thank you!

There is no reliable log statement that says “done loading”. I’d create a System started Rule and when it runs that indicates that you’ve at least got to the Rules being loaded. If you are using Scripted Automation that occurs after ever everything else has loaded. If you are using Rules DSL, you probably need to be applying one of the fixes (e.g. openhabian-config option 44) to delay the loading of your .rules files.

But there is nothing beyond an absence of loading log statements for an indeterminate amount of time to signal that OH has completed loading.

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Thank you anyway for the fast answer. So i can stop searching :wink: