[SOLVED] Meteoblue

I’m having trouble with the meteoblue binding.

Status: OFFLINE - CONFIGURATION_ERROR API Key not authorized for this datafeed

I’m am using the free account, and also configured openhab2 binding with the free account option.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

My account shows on line

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Posted this issue to fast :wink:
Maybe it will help others.
Meten blue standard provides image data, you should request data in raw format.
Works fine nog :slight_smile:


Hi there – can you elaborate on what exactly you did to correct this?
Did you configure something in PaperUI, or in a config file, or does this request have to be sent to meteoblue for your account?

I have the same issue. Thanks!

Hi @sockmeister. I just sended a mail to info@meteoblue .com to change my account.
With a standard account, they send you an image. You should request to receive data in RAW format.
Good luck!

Got it. Thanks!