[SOLVED] MiFlora Not Publishing in OpenHAB

Hi all, I loaded the latest build of OH and have gone through the steps to setup a couple of miflora sensors using the tutorial. I am on mqtt 1.x and have the binding installed. Everything is running great when I test it with:

python3 /opt/miflora-mqtt-daemon/miflora-mqtt-daemon.py

Everything reports just as it should. Connection is rockin. Problem is, I have nothing in my OH event logs. Never shows up in there so my items stay null. I have rebooted but that didn’t help.

Example of my items:

// Grow Rack "racksensor1" (C4:7C:8D:67:59:C8)
Group gracksensor1 "Grow Rack Sensor racksensor1" (gRackSensors)
Number racksensor1_LightIntensity "racksensor1 Sunlight Intensity [%d lux]" <text> (gracksensor1, gLightIntensity) {mqtt="<[broker:miflora/racksensor1:state:JSONPATH($.light)]"}
Number racksensor1_AirTemperature "racksensor1 Air Temperature [%.1f °C]" <text> (gracksensor1, gAirTemperature) {mqtt="<[broker:miflora/racksensor1:state:JSONPATH($.temperature)]"}
Number racksensor1_SoilMoisture "racksensor1 Soil Moisture [%d %%]" <text> (gracksensor1, gSoilMoisture) {mqtt="<[broker:miflora/racksensor1:state:JSONPATH($.moisture)]"}
Number racksensor1_SoilConductivity "racksensor1 Soil Conductivity/Fertility [%d µS/cm]" <text> (gracksensor1, gSoilConductivity) {mqtt="<[broker:miflora/racksensor1:state:JSONPATH($.conductivity)]"}
Number racksensor1_Battery "racksensor1 Sensor Battery Level [%d %%]" <text> (gracksensor1, gBattery) {mqtt="<[broker:miflora/racksensor1:state:JSONPATH

All transforms are installed as they come that way now.
Gotta be missing something simple but not sure what?


Using mqtt v1 requires a mqtt broker. Have you installed one?

Sudden brain cramp while washing the dishes, I didn’t setup the url line in the mqtt config file when I setup OH. Grrr. Working now!

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Does your MiFlora run stably?
I have moved my raspi with Bluetooth close to the sensor (outside of the balcony).
The distance is approx. 1,5m with a wooden / dry wall in between.
After a while (few hours to half a day it goes offline.

BTW: I am using the bluetooth binding for my FlowerCare

Even placing it right next to my raspi does not help (distance 10 cm) :frowning: