[SOLVED] Migrate settings to new installation

Hello Guys.
Currently i have a version 2.3 in beta mode running with the old KNX addon. It is setup with some HUE devices and also it has connection to a MySQL DB.

I plan to migrate to the new KNX binding, but is it possible to install a new version, and when it is up and running, can i then port the SQL settings and he HUE settings from the old installation into the new one? Then i can continue working on the new one after i know the KNX setup is working - and has the old installation to revert to…

Yes absolutely, but I believe that you can’t have both instances running at the same time. I maybe wrong though

Your best bet is to install a completely new OH instance on a new computer. Or, if you don’t have another computer (any old box would do) around, create a new user and install the new OH into that directory, and adapt the ports (environment variables HTTP_PORT and HTTPS_PORT I believe) so the old one runs on 8080 and your new one runs on 9090.

And after finishing the migration, throw the old installation away, change the port back to 8080 and everyone will be happy :smile: