[SOLVED] Missing joinPermission

Hi Everyone

I just finish my upgrade pi3+ OH2.4 -> pi4 OH2.5 and I realy like the new version, but…
From the mihome gateway missing the JoinPermission. Based the new manual its removed :frowning:

Switch Gateway_AddDevice { channel="mihome:gateway:<GwID>:<ID>:joinPermission" }

The new “mode”

rule "Enable device pairing with gateway as basic device thing"
    Item Gateway_AddDevicesSwitch changed to ON

I dont know why better this way, but I dont have this kind of things…

Anybody have information regarding this?


Bahh, nevermind, its moved to paper UI-> inbox-> add new -> mihome

Srry :confused:

But if you don’t want to do this via paperUI?, and I don’t see this channel and its gone from the documentation since version 2.3, it was an easy way to reconnect a device that had lost connection to the gateway

same here. Means that joinPermission is no longer allowed on MiHome binding on OH?