(Solved) Mochad X10 Binding with OH3

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware: Laptop, Intel processor
    • OS: Ubuntu 20.04
    • Java Runtime Environment: Java 11 64 bit
    • openHAB version: OH 3
  • Issue of the topic: I still have some old X10 devices that used to work nicely under OH 2 using the Mochad Binding and if possible I would like to use them with OH 3.

I am aware that OH 1x bindings may not work well with Java 11 but if possible at all would like to give it a try.

Any guidance how to use 1x bindings with OH 3 would be greatly appreciated.


v1 bindings will NOT work with OH3. The solution is to set up an OH2 instance and use the OH3 remoteopenhab binding to integrate OH2 Items.

Not sure how to do that. Still learning my ways with OH 3.
Will try it and revert in due time.

Thanks for the quick reply

Here are the current docs.

This looks very promising.
Can both local and remote instances run on the same machine at the same time?
One would require Java 8 and the other Java 11.

I am running both in docker. Another possibility would be to run one of them in a virtual machine or on a different server.

I am not sure, but I do not think you can easily get Java 8 & 11 running in the same OS instance.

Thanks for the info. Will check all the options.

Another possibility is to use the RFXCOM binding (I have the hardware) to operate the X10 devices by RF and use a transceiver for power line commands.
I know this works well with X10 lighting but not sure if it will work for shutters and blinds. Will check it out. Reverting.

Of course the best and probably the easiest solution would be to have a Mochad v3 binding if someone has the skills to do it.
Mochad is fairly simple.

Tried the Remote openHAB binding on openHAB 3.0, with mochad installed on a separate laptop running openHAB 2.5.10. Both with Ubuntu OS.

Working like a charm. Both on MainUI and BasicUI

I added support for Mochad to teh cm11a binding (now renamed to x10): X10 Controller Binding - Add-on Marketplace / Bundles - openHAB Community