[SOLVED] MQTT and sitemap dimmer

I have a generic MQTT dimmer item defined with switch and percentage channels.
The light can be controlled from the paper UI control section with on/off and slider dimmer values working correctly. When I move over to my sitemap, I can only get Switch to work, Slider doesn’t seem to do anything.
Currently trying :-

Slider item=BedroomLightDimmer_OnOff label="Bed light level" icon="lightbulb"


Which UI do you use?

It works through the Paper UI control page, but doesn’t from BasicUI

Can you post your items?


Dimmer   BedroomLightDimmer_DimmerLevel   "Dimmer level"   {channel="mqtt:topic:475118da:DimmerLevel"}
Switch   BedroomLightDimmer_OnOff         "On off"         {channel="mqtt:topic:475118da:OnOff"}


Slider item=BedroomLightDimmer_OnOff label="Bed light level" icon="lightbulb"

As I said, the item works on the Paper UI control section, but not through Basic UI sitemap

Your slider is referencing your switch item, not your dimmer.

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Good catch, I’m blaming autocomplete on this one.

So, does that solve your problem?

Yes thanks. Sorry, was afk for a day.
I think I need to pay a bit more attention to my copy/pasting and auto-completing when I’m working on my sitemap.

I hear you. My thing is that I sometimes forget to reference “.state” when writing if statements, and then wonder why nothing happens when the conditions are true.

Please start another thread, thanks