[SOLVED] MQTT - big issues since upgrading to 2.4.0 Snapshot


I am trying to get MQTT going again after removing my manual install of OH2.3.0 and upgrading to the latest 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT to get the new weather binding …

Monitoring my mosquitto broker: all I see is:

1539930191: New connection from on port 1883.
1539930191: New client connected from as paho32968556838 (c1, k60).
1539930443: New connection from on port 1883.
1539930443: New client connected from as dc:4f:22:18:e3:f5-5c (c1, k120, u’bmentink’).

I never see any subscribes etc …

My conf/services/mqtt.cfg is:


I have the MQTT 2.4.0 binding installed, but am not sure what if anything to put in services->MQTT “manage” I can’t fine any documentation for this “new” MQTT, only the old one …

Logging in karaf shows events being triggered my the UI, but never appearing as events in mosquitto,
likewise no events from my custom hardware are getting to the UI…

Any help most appreciated

Remove the MQTT 2.4 binding and use the 1.x binding
The new mqtt binding is not quite ready yet… Soon…

Thanks, do I need the action as well?

No, you shouldn’t. Unless you are generating topics and payloads on the fly within rules to publish over MQTT or other special use cases.

Thanks, it is now working :slight_smile:

Now, I just have to work out my my charts using rrd4j persistance is not working anymore with 2.4.0 …
(EDIT: Never mind, a restart got them back …)