[SOLVED] MQTT-Eventbus: only slave should send its items?

I configured two (internal) OH2 instances and experienced, that the slave installation sends all their slave items to my master Installation as intended, while the master installation also sends all items to the broker (they appear in the brokers’ log and I can subscribe to the masters’ items).
I only want the slave to send its items to the master and the master can keep its own items! :wink:

in the Master mqtt-eventbus.cfg I left the sending configuration out on purpose:


# statePublishTopic=/openHAB/master/${item}/state
# commandPublishTopic=/openHAB/slave/${item}/command
# item name which can be used for posting the received value to the event bus.

# commandSubscribeTopic=

in the slave mqtt-eventbus.cfg I have this one:



So, what did I miss to keep the master silent?

Hi Thomas,
I am trying to do the same setup . would you be able to share in detail how you setup OH1 and OH2 as master and slave? I intend to have OH2 master as a openhabian in an ubuntu VM(ESXI), and OH1 slave with my z wave stick which is in another remote part of the house. Which do you setup first?

much thanks

most likely: the evil brother… see here: [OH2] Control ESP8266 Relay using MQTT Eventbus

If you only want Z-Wave on the slave to be “exposed” to the master, you may want to consider a simpler solution:

It may be simplier, but is it more reliable than a 2 OH system linked via MQTT?

same reliability level I would say

I did as explained in the thread above!
… and I guess, the evil brother (I like it!) became good after all I think. After some updating and stuff. I don’t have the issue anymore.

regarding Z-Wave vs. MQTT: I don’t know Z-Wave, but the MQTT-Eventbus works fine with me now (two local instances and one remote Keep my master Installation up-to-date).

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I am also more inclined to go the event bus mqtt route as MQTT has always been reliable for me, but I was informed that eventbus is not fully supported in the new MQTT 2.4 binding as yet. So not sure which way to go if I want a seamless futureproorf solution

you can always stay on the old version of the MQTT-binding including the eventbus - or do I miss something?

Another method will be used to achieve a similar result with MQTTv2
It will take more configuration but you will be able to “link” two OH2 instances together in a similar (not the same) fashion as the Event-Bus integration.

See here: MQTT binding version 2.4