[SOLVED] MQTT help reading values

Trying to Read a MQTT

Contact Sensor_Back_Door "Back Door [%s]"  <door> { mqtt="<[broker:Sonoff3/Door/Switch/:state:default]" }

I have MQTT.fx going and if i subscribe to it
Sonoff3/Door/Switch/# i can See 1 for open and 0 for closed :slight_smile:

could someone point to the right manual plz

log says

given command is NULL, couldn't post command for 'Sensor_Back_Door'

Can you post the subscription outpout?

I think at leat the slash after “…/Switch**/**” ist wrong.

This is my working example:

mqtt="<[mosquitto:homie/5ccf7f15b638/light/on:state:ON:true], <[mosquitto:homie/5ccf7f15b638/light/on:state:OFF:false]


homie/5ccf7f15b638/light/on false
homie/5ccf7f15b638/light/on true
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Yeap that fix it.

THANKS christoph