[SOLVED] MQTT & influx, no datapoints in grafana

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(Vincent Regaud) #21

Can you post this item config, please?

(Arne) #22

oh wait…
eeehm , where can i find it? the items folder is empty.

Here is a screenshot

(Jürgen Baginski) #23

You can only persist the state of items, your item-Name is NOT “temperature” as can be be seen in the screenshot! The item-Name to be persited is “GenericMQTTThing_Temperature”!
@vzorglub: Good catch! (This “solved” goes on your account!)

(Arne) #24

yep, this was the issue. having GenericMQTTThing_Temperature in my persistence file is working and i can see the values in grafana :smiley:

Thank you guys, you are great!: