[SOLVED] MQTT "is command" in things file?

I have some switches/numbers that in MQTT I used command rather than state because i wanted them to re-trigger a rule/whatever.

I tested that it would work via “is command” switch via paperui when creating a channel but I like to use the .things files still. What is the .things file version of “is command” ?

I made a generic thing in paperui then looked at the json db for it
You need to have state defined as well as command and then add postCommand=“true”

        Type switch : doorSwitch    "Garage Man Door"       [ stateTopic="/garage/garageManDoor/GMD", commandTopic="/garage/garageManDoor/GMD", postCommand="true" ]

I believe this is missing from the docs:

I not sure how to word it or I would do it myself

Also works on type : number

Yes that’s missing.