<SOLVED> MQTT not working after update 2.2 --> 2.4 - MQTT Action missing

When I update my OH installation from 2.2 to 2.4 MQTT will stop working, Upon checking i found out that neither Binding, nor Persistence nor Action are installed.
I can re-install Binding and Persistence but action does not show up in Paper-UI.
APT-GET purge mosquitto and re-install from openhabian-config bring no result.

Any ideas?

And interestingly enough all my Z-Wave-Devices cannot be initialized after the update. Removing them in Paper-UI and re-descovering them works though. Any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance, Sven

Read the changelog and breaking changes.

You need to (re)enable legacy bindings in paper UI and install MQTT1 and related.

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Thanks for your answer. That explains the Z-Wave issue. Couldn’t find any hints on MQTT though. :frowning:

I’ll try your suggestion. :wink:

Thank you again for that hint.
Another question arises:
There are two bindings now, 1.x and 2.4. Which one should I use? Currently 1,x is installed.

/Edit: Ignored 2.4 und MQTT works just as before.

Leaves the question: What ist 2,4 good for?

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