<SOLVED> MQTT not working after update 2.2 --> 2.4 - MQTT Action missing

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(Sven Mey) #1

When I update my OH installation from 2.2 to 2.4 MQTT will stop working, Upon checking i found out that neither Binding, nor Persistence nor Action are installed.
I can re-install Binding and Persistence but action does not show up in Paper-UI.
APT-GET purge mosquitto and re-install from openhabian-config bring no result.

Any ideas?

And interestingly enough all my Z-Wave-Devices cannot be initialized after the update. Removing them in Paper-UI and re-descovering them works though. Any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance, Sven


Time to say Goodbye
(David Graeff) #2

Read the changelog and breaking changes.

You need to (re)enable legacy bindings in paper UI and install MQTT1 and related.

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(Sven Mey) #3

Thanks for your answer. That explains the Z-Wave issue. Couldn’t find any hints on MQTT though. :frowning:

I’ll try your suggestion. :wink:


(Sven Mey) #4

Thank you again for that hint.
Another question arises:
There are two bindings now, 1.x and 2.4. Which one should I use? Currently 1,x is installed.

/Edit: Ignored 2.4 und MQTT works just as before.

Leaves the question: What ist 2,4 good for?

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