[SOLVED] MQTT Thing Custom Name/Description?

I prefer to have deferent things for different systems in my setup. Is it possible to give each mqqt thing a custom name? I see that you can do it in the Paper UI but can it be done in the thing file.

Here is my config.
Bridge mqtt:broker:mainBroker [ host=“”, secure=false ]
I attempted to insert
Bridge mqtt:broker:mainBroker “System” @ “SonOff” [ host=“”, secure=false ]
But I still get “Generic MQTT Thing” in the paper UI.

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You will have to define the Thing name and yes you can customize it…the bridge does not seem to appear in the PaperUI.

That is a Thing type provided by the binding
But you can change the name of the Thing:

Do have an example of the thing config? I just cant get it to change :frowning:

For the broker, I have:

Bridge mqtt:broker:internal "MQTT Broker: Internal Mosquitto"

and for the “things”, which are in seperate files in my system,

Thing mqtt:topic:internal:sonoff_tv "Sonoff Switch TV" (mqtt:broker:internal) @ "Living Room"

This gives me nice names in Paper UI. The type names (written in smaller font) cannot be changed.


Thank you! I still need to work through the Things system as it is the first time I work with it.