[SOLVED] [MQTTv2][Thing] Update warning

I receive the following error in the openhab console:

22:54:15.918 [WARN ] [e.core.thing.binding.BaseThingHandler] - Handler GenericThingHandler of thing mqtt:topic:MQTTGoldeneyeBroker:Ventilatie tried updating channel Ventilatie_Werkingsmode although the handler was already disposed.


Number Ventilatie_Werkingsmode "State is [MAP(VentilatieWerkingsMode.map):%s]" {channel="mqtt:topic:MQTTGoldeneyeBroker:Ventilatie:Ventilatie_Werkingsmode", autoupdate="false"}

As I understand, the MQTT broker received an status update on the topic linked to the item, but is unable to update the item.
Strange thing is: it is updating, so to me everything looks normal, but i receive the warning.
Can this be ignored?

It’s only a warning and it works.
BUT don’t ignore it
Post the issue on github and follow up here with the link to the issue

should I post it on the MQTT or openhab repository?

The binding repo, please

I have an update on the issue.
I’ve also set a rule to make my chromecast say a few words on an item change.
Both items have nothing to do with eachother, but every time that warning fires, my chromecast repeated the message it was casting earlier.

I think I’ve found the issue:

There was a double-naming of the item.

in the items file:

Number Ventilatie_Werkingsmode "State is [MAP(VentilatieWerkingsMode.map):%s]" {channel="mqtt:topic:MQTTGoldeneyeBroker:Ventilatie:Ventilatie_Werkingsmode", autoupdate="false"}

in the mqtt.things file:

    Thing topic Ventilatie "MQTT Ventilatie" {
        Type number : Ventilatie_Werkingsmode "Werkingsmodus ventilatie" [ stateTopic="OpenHAB/Ventilatie/Mode", commandTopic="Beckhoff/Ventilatie/Mode/Value"]

The channel and the item have the same name, this is wat OpenHAB doesn’t seem to like.
I thought Items and Channels were different, so double-naming wouldn’t be an issue. Obviously I was wrong.
After a reboot of OpenHAB, and the correction of double channel and item naming. The warning disappeared.