SOLVED:Multiple Command Topics for MQTT 2.4.0 (new binding)

In the old binding following configuration at Item-Level was possible:

Switch Landroid_start_stop          "LM Start/Stopp" <switch>  {mqtt=">[mqtt:landroid/set/start:command:ON:true],>[mqtt:landroid/set/stop:command:OFF:true]"} 

Depending on the item state different command was executed.
I know that using proxies and rules that can be accomplished too.
I would like to know if there is a similar possibility as in the old binding.
Any idea?

I think that you can manage this by defining a new item that you would define it’s property to follow another item.

Could so sketch an example?

I haven’t used it myself but I think this might help you

Actualy, I think that rawrocker-to-on-off would suit your needs better…

If you look into the "Show more’ section of your channel configuration you will find settings for “On/Open value” and “Off/Closed value” which should suit your needs.

I cannot see how I could translate a switch
ON to mqtt:landroid/set/start
OFF to android/set/stop

This linking is useful for lining ON/OFF of one channel to Channel of supported Types (Dimmer/Color, etc)

I am using .things file defining the Bridge, Thing and Channels.
How does it look in such case?

I could look into the Documentation, but why don’t you DIY?

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Looking and found in the documentation:

    Type switch : mowing "LM mowing" [ stateTopic="landroid/status/statusCode", commandTopic="landroid/set/mow ", on="start", off="stop" ]

I was really looking, but almost the same time you sent the link, I found it myself :slight_smile:

Sometimes it is not so simple to filter out all the search result.
Thank you for your effort.

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In which file did you insert the switch:
Do you have the other items for the remaining functions for me?

Hello Slaviša Lukić,

I have the same problem. Did you manage this somehow? Without rules?

Thank you,