[SOLVED] Multiple Ecobees in my home

Hi I was hoping someone could help me get my ecobees reporting into openhab properly. I used this to get one ecobee to work and now that I have updated the file with an new ecobee thermostat it just says they are duplicate values and doesnt report anything.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Number Ecobee_Temperature             "Ecobee Temperature [%.1f °F]"                      (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[main.3*3#runtime.actualTemperature]" }
Number Ecobee_Humidity                "Ecobee Humidity [%d %%]"                           (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[main.3*3#runtime.actualHumidity]" }
Number Ecobee_DesiredCool             "Ecobee Desired Cool [%.1f °F]"                     (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[main.3*3#runtime.desiredCool]" }
Number Ecobee_DesiredHeat             "Ecobee Desired Heat [%.1f °F]"                     (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[main.3*3#runtime.desiredHeat]" }

Number Ecobee_Temperature             "Ecobee Temperature [%.1f °F]"                      (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[up.5*8#runtime.actualTemperature]" }
Number Ecobee_Humidity                "Ecobee Humidity [%d %%]"                           (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[up.5*8#runtime.actualHumidity]" }
Number Ecobee_DesiredCool             "Ecobee Desired Cool [%.1f °F]"                     (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[up.5*8#runtime.desiredCool]" }
Number Ecobee_DesiredHeat             "Ecobee Desired Heat [%.1f °F]"                     (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[up.5*8#runtime.desiredHeat]" }


# the application scope used when authorizing the binding
# choices are smartWrite,smartRead, or ems, or multiple (required, comma-separated, no spaces)


Have you tried using a different item name for the second Ecobee?


Number Ecobee_Temperature_Two             "Ecobee Temperature [%.1f °F]"                      (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[up.5*8#runtime.actualTemperature]" }
Number Ecobee_Humidity_Two                "Ecobee Humidity [%d %%]"                           (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[up.5*8#runtime.actualHumidity]" }
Number Ecobee_DesiredCool_Two             "Ecobee Desired Cool [%.1f °F]"                     (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[up.5*8#runtime.desiredCool]" }
Number Ecobee_DesiredHeat_Two             "Ecobee Desired Heat [%.1f °F]"                     (gRuntime)          { ecobee="<[up.5*8#runtime.desiredHeat]" }

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Good catch. I totally missed that when I looked at this.

@rahimlee54 This makes a good argument to install and use VS Code with the openHAB extension. It will highlight this type of issue.

I was using it but put the name inbetween the ecobee and the command. ecobee_2_temperature. I was using VS code and it accepted that so I tried it. The paper ui kept many various names in the config so I tried to clear my cache to delete those and start over there and that bricked my java on the system. I posted a thread about it. I may use a backup to fix it. There are around 6 or 8 different names I tried for the ecobees, I was trying to remove those.

@mhilbush vs code was the way I got it to work initially so I think I can do it again I just need to clear all those old names out and start over. I deleted the files and bindings and they stayed there when I reinstalled so I am going to find the commands and location to uninstsal in karaf tonight.


Any idea how to delete this whole thing? I deleted the cfg and uninstalled the binding and reinstalled from the paper UI and it didnt work out. I think if I can delete this, I can probably get it to work.

Check if the following file exists. If it does, delete it.


It does I have deleted it a couple of times I will try again. I had some technical difficulty but I am starting to understand alot of the functions and finishing up alot of loose ends: unifi, nest, echo control, this ecobee binding is being stubborn but I’ll get it under control!

Thanks for the help guys, I’ll report back.


Hi guys I finally had a chance to redo all this from scratch and now everything is reporting as it should be. I had to many things happening in the files and needed a clean slate. I appreciate all the input it was all valuable. Now to finish installing basic function and habpanel then it’ll be time to move to hard part rules :slight_smile:.