[SOLVED] Multiple instances of Openhab

The security I’m talking about is opening up your networks to hackers. Any time you punch a hole through your firewall (i.e. expose a port to the internet) you have opened up a place for attack.

These attackers may not care to open your door, but they may want to get on your network so they can steal enough information to steal your identity, set up a platform from which to attack others, encrypt your hard drives and hold them for ransom, etc.

Given your professed level of skill, I highly recommend setting up a VPN. One potential solution that isn’t too hard to set up is Hamachi. I think it is still free and it might be easier to set up than OpenVPN, assuming your router doesn’t support OpenVPN out of the box.

Ok, I understand. I didn’t think about it that way, thanks for pointing that out. That type of security holes is definitely something that I want to make sure not to expose my home network to. So I will follow your advice.
When I got everything set up I’ll update here again with all details. And it will be in layman’s terms so it might serve as useful information for someone else later on that would like to do the same.

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@watou I have some OH/OH2 experience, but did not play with mqtt etc. Is there a step-by-step how-to setup a configuration with 3 peers.

I need the following setup

  • 3 homes with an OH instance, one playing the master, OH is running incl. local alarm handling etc.
  • the “master home” should provide the UI and be able to control the “slave” homes
  • persistence should be done locally (per node, using influxdb), but certain items synchronized to the master
  • zwave etc. should be controlled locally, but the master should see all things I want to control/monitor remotely
  • all peers are already connected by a VPN using private IP addresses - so no privacy issues here
  • I would also like to use HABPanel + Gafana to create charts on items from all nodes (using 3 dashboards)

A step-by-step how to setup the master and additional sales would be really helpful. Thx.

Hi @markus7017 ,
Unfortunately I was burned badly while a heavy contributor to this project last spring, and as a result it evaporated my interest in contributing. Hopefully there is a good person who can offer you assistance. Regards, John

Hi All

Can anyone offer some assistance, im playing around with this but will ultimately use it to fix my Zwave network which right now relies on socat/ser2net and its just not reliable.
I’ve setup two Openhab 2.4.0 stable systems.

Garage: ( Main instance - This already had a MQTT Broker running and has the MQTT 1.x binding
House: ( Slave instance, I’ve installed the MQTT 1.x binding and configured mqtt.cfg in /etc/openhab2/services/mqtt.cfg as follows:


It appears I’ve got my slave configured incorrectly in the MQTT.cfg file as I see this:

07:29:20.022 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting connection helper to periodically try restoring connection to broker 'mosquitto'
07:29:30.027 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection 'mosquitto'
07:29:30.044 [WARN ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - MQTT connection to 'broker' was lost: Connection lost : ReasonCode 32109 : Cause : null
07:29:30.046 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting connection helper to periodically try restoring connection to broker 'broker'

The ‘Garage’ where the broker runs (master) sees this in /var/log/mosquitto.log

1575664270: New client connected from as House (c1, k60).
1575664280: New connection from on port 1883.
1575664280: Client House already connected, closing old connection.
1575664280: Client House disconnected.
1575664280: New client connected from as House (c1, k60, u'mosquitto').
1575664290: New connection from on port 1883.

Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong please? or offer some guidance.


Are you using unique cleintIds for both openHAB instances? Only one clientId can be connected to the same broker at the same time. If a new client connects with the same ID, the broker will kick off the old client.

Hi Rich, thanks for the reply.

The slave has configuration as below with clientId HOUSE in mqtt.cfg



in mqtt-eventbus.cfg


The master has configuration as below with clientId MASTER in mqtt.cfg. Master has always worked fine with MQTT for a long time, I’ve got over 20 sonoffs on it without issue


Ive restarted the MQTT binding and restarted the whole slave OH2

Well this is weird, the mqtt files under services are EMPTY! Time to restart and clear cache

08:10:28.533 [INFO ] [openhab.io.transport.mqtt.MqttService] - Stopping broker connection 'mosquitto'
08:10:28.534 [INFO ] [openhab.io.transport.mqtt.MqttService] - Stopping broker connection 'find'
08:10:28.535 [INFO ] [openhab.io.transport.mqtt.MqttService] - Stopping broker connection 'broker'
08:10:28.656 [INFO ] [.core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Uninstalled 'openhab-binding-mqtt1'
08:10:28.672 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ExtensionEvent       ] - Extension 'binding-mqtt1' has been uninstalled.
08:10:29.285 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection 'mosquitto'

EDIT: more strange sh1t

08:13:29.850 [INFO ] [openhab.io.transport.mqtt.MqttService] - MQTT Service initialization completed.
08:13:29.852 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection 'mosquitto'
08:13:29.902 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ExtensionEvent       ] - Extension 'binding-mqtt1' has been installed.
08:13:29.948 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection 'broker'
08:13:30.021 [WARN ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - MQTT connection to 'mosquitto' was lost: Connection lost : ReasonCode 32109 : Cause : null
08:13:30.025 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting connection helper to periodically try restoring connection to broker 'mosquitto'
08:13:40.029 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection 'mosquitto'
08:13:40.044 [WARN ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - MQTT connection to 'broker' was lost: Connection lost : ReasonCode 32109 : Cause : null
08:13:40.046 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting connection helper to periodically try restoring connection to broker 'broker'
08:13:50.056 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection 'broker'
08:13:50.070 [WARN ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - MQTT connection to 'mosquitto' was lost: Connection lost : ReasonCode 32109 : Cause : null
08:13:50.073 [INFO ] [rt.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting connection helper to periodically try restoring connection to broker 'mosquitto'

If they both have different client ID’s all I can recommend is to search for “ReasonCode 32109” and see if one of those threads or github issues has information to help.

The library that handles the MQTT connection is wholly different in the 2.x binding (Paho which is used by the 1.x binding is riddled with bugs and not being maintained very well by the originator so the 2.x binding moved to a different client library HiveMQ). If there is a bug here I doubt it will get fixed.

This isn’t strange. You are connecting to the broker, failing to connect so it tries to connect again. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

I can’t explain why it got uninstalled but that almost all of the time is caused by trying to use a mix of addons.cfg and the REST API to install add-ons.

How can it connect to a broker rich when there are no configuration files for MQTT under services?

But there is still a file under $OH_USERDATA/conf/org/openhab/mqtt.conf. The cfg files from services get loaded and rewritten out to that file and there has been a well known issue for a long time where when you wholly remove things from a file in services or remove a file from services, it doesn’t get removed from $OH_USERDATA.

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All a bit weird, started working. I guess MQTT 1.x is buggy, but I’ve found its been incredibly reliable once running. Thanks Rich