[SOLVED] Multiple LAN interfaces, what primary address is

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I would have two LAN interfaces for my OH, one as primary address (for GUI on 8080), and one on my media vlan, for receiving correctly the UPnP messages (eg. Sonos, Denon, …).

What happens if I set as “Primary address” the first LAN? shall I receive the multicast messages on the second one?

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I think this depends on what the binding registers the service on. It may use them all, it may use the first one it comes across, it may use the oh default or it may let you specify. You’d need to test each binding.

Any chance to force a binding to listen on all the interfaces? I’m thinking about Sonos Binding, but also Denon … in general the UPnP service …

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This is not directly the bindings but the JUPnP library used by these bindings.

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do you know fi the JUPnP is listening on all interfaces? or just the primary?


I can answer myself. it works on multiple interfaces :slight_smile: