[SOLVED] Multiple persistence in influxDB

Hi ALL, I was adopting some policies to reduce the amount of memory used by a system made of openhab + influxDB + grafana. I noticed that influxDB was using a lot of memory and swap so I reduced the default persistence to 3 days and used the tsi1 indexing system. The problem is that I persist some items (switches) value to the DB (in order to load them at the startup) that eventually now would be dropped in 3 days. Do you think is it possible to create another DB in influx with a RP of infinite time and a continuous query over the openhab database to store the value of these items in the DB with infinite RP? Would be OpenHAB able to recover that values at the startup? Thanks in advance for the answer.

You can use multiple persistence service in openHAB
For restoreOnStartup use the mapdb persistence service. It was made for this purpose.


That did the trick. Thankyou very much and happy Christmas!

Please tick the solution, thanks

In addition to the link Vincent provided, you might also be interested in Design Pattern: Group Based Persistence.

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