[solved] My.openHAB items stopped updating?

I noticed that around 09:42 GMT today, my items stopped updating at https://my.openhab.org/items?sort=last_update . They were updating via myopenhab.persist fine for months! There was a cluster of

2016-01-07 09:37:49.458 [ERROR] [.myopenhab.internal.MyOHClient] - Socket.IO error: io.socket.engineio.client.EngineIOException: websocket error

around that time, but that might be unrelated. @belovictor, are there any known service interruptions? Thanks for the service, by the way. Anyone else see any issues with my.openhab.org today?

It could be unrelated but I’ve had problems getting to this forum today.

Thanks. It looks like my MySQL persistence started having connection problems, and this must have cascaded to interfering with the my.openHAB persistence. After restarting my MySQL server and openHAB, the problem cleared up. No idea why MySQL decided to have problems, but restarting got me past the issue and items are now being updated at my.openhab.org again.

I’m experiencing the same issue from yesterday. First the website was offline and then when I was able to open the page, for all the day I could see the latest update event at 10:35AM and today the latest update I can see is at yesterday’s 9:06PM.

Since I fixed my MySQL connection issue, https://my.openhab.org/items?sort=last_update has been consistently showing the times I expect. Do you use another persistence bundle and is it working properly?

Hi @watou. Actually I’m using only my.openhab. This morning I also restarted oh but nothing changed. There are no errors in the log file(except for the classic Socket.IO error: com.github.nkzawa.engineio.client.EngineIOException: xhr post error). Via my.openhab I can see there are no logs from 10:35AM to 7:36PM (but I didn’t do anything to make the system working) and It stopped logging from yesterday 9:06PM.

We were experiencing performance problems that day and I had to switch off item updates to keep basic functionality working. The the problem was fixed and items updates were switched back on. Sorry for inconvenience it could cause. I’m currently working on a status page which will provide information about such incidents to our users!

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@belovictor Have you come up with a status page yet? I’m having issues with items not showing up in my.openhab.org and wondering if it’s my system. I’m able to access my items through /rest/items and I’m able to see my items correctly updating in my.opehab.org basicui.