[SOLVED] myOpenHab app different screens per user?

Hi all,

The my openhab app works well so rather than reinventing the wheel I want to put it on my wifes phone so she has some access / ability to do things where needed.

The issue is that I’m currently using the test UI for, well, testing, so she doesn’t need to see all the different buttons, info, bits that I’ve got on there.

Is there a way for me to create a deafult sitemap for me for testing and another more finished one that I can display on her phone? One that automatically opens up when she opens the app, ie no other interaction?

Shure, you can have as many sitemaps as you like, just give them different names like
test.sitemap / admin.sitemap / wife.sitemap and so on…

Thanks, so how do you specify which one is shown by default on the onenhab app?

You can select one of the available sitemaps in the app, which will be used as default until you select another one.

Great, so the default is per app instance not per user or would I need to set her up as a new user in my OH and then give her a new default?

It is per app instance.

Brilliant, that is exactly what I wanted to hear :grinning:

Thanks for your help.


Taking this one step further , notifications on my OH, as are they per user would it be better to set my wife up as a user within my master account or set her up with her own separate myOH account? She doesn’t need to see all the log and test notifications I send myself when things happen.

In other words, what is the best way for minimal WAF?

You can add users to your main account in myopenhab.org. Don’t create a whole new account as each instance of OH can only be connected to one account. When you log into myopenhab.org, hover over your email in the upper right and click on Users. You can add users from there.

Then just make sure to use the appropriate notification Action in your Rules. See https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/actions.html#cloud-notification-actions which documents there are Actions to send a message to a specific user, broadcast to all, or just log the notification which will go to myopenhab.org and appear in the list but not get forwarded to any phone or device.

I recommend looking at Design Pattern: Separation of Behaviors for a way to centralize your alerting so that you can play around with different strategies without needing to make changes in all of your Rules.