[SOLVED] Myopenhab - can't access Logviewer and NodeRed Dashboard


I love the Openhab ecosystem :slight_smile:, but when i log in at myopenhab and i want to get forewarded to the NodeRed or Logviewer WebDashboard i get no connection. It seems so that, something with the routing is wrong.

Any other also have this Problem?

bg Patrick

As far as I am aware, you will not be able to access these through myopenhab.
They are separate application and not served by the OH port 8080.
You will need to configure a server with proper security to serve these ports. You will also need to open these ports on your router and set-up access rights.

Or you build your own little logviewer which goes through /static and is accessible via myopenhab.org

Just to summarize what everyone else has said. Only stuff served up openHAB’s internal web server (i.e. OH REST API, contents of the conf/html folder) get proxied through myopenhab.org. myopenhab.org is not a generic proxy and does not allow access to any and all web services you may be hosting on your home network. You must figure out how to safely expose those to the internet safely so you can access them remotely.

Thanks for your response. So i will configure a OpenVPN server on my Router.
I was only wondering, because it worked for the Habmin Dashboard :slight_smile:

Habmin is served up by the OH webserver so it works. Same for any UI that is actually part of OH. Frontail and NodeRed are their own separate servers.

I use OpenVPN for a lot of reasons and can say it works great for this.