[SOLVED] MyOpenHab is offline after reinstalling


I am new to openhab but what I have seen so far is pretty amazing.
Unfortunately my openhab account is offline still I reistalled it. What I did so far:

  • Installed Openhab2.4 manaully on a rasperry Pi 3 B+
  • Installed the openhub cloud
  • Entered the uuid and secret
  • Activated the Email
    And it worked fine. I could see the items and so on. However I reinstalled openhab by just deleting the folder and unzipping it again.
  • So I reinstalled the openhab cloud again
  • Changed the uuid and secret online
  • rebootet
    and it is just not working anymore.
    The newest version of java is running.

Do you have any idea were I can ook at some logs etc?
Like I said I am new to it and it is pretty complex.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for your help. The tail command helped me out.
However I had to update my java. This is strange because - using the old java - my openhab was online before i reinstalled openhab.
But anyway now it says that i am online.

But I still got a question. I can´t see any items online. MyOpenHab seems to be empty. I that correct?
I activated the simple item mode in openhab.
I can send me a message to my smartphone. My smartphone app shows some things to activate.

Thanks in advance.

You need to expose your items, either via config file or PaperUI:

The exposed items will show up after they receive an update to their state.

I understand. Great.
Thanks a lot.