[SOLVED] myopenHAB items not visible

This was my problem: I didn’t know about the expose function in Paper UI, which is essential for getting items visible. So go to your Paper UI -> Services -> IO -> openHAB Cloud -> ‘Items to expose to apps such as IFTTT’ and select all the items you want to expose.



I have to reopen this case. I have the same issue. In the past weeks I exposed several items in PaperUI succesful to the cloud.

But last week I wanted to add 4 more items which don’t show up in the cloud. They are exposed and I changed the state several times but it is not working.

Any hints what I can do here?

Items are currently not added: Myopenhab not reachable

Yes, already saw this. Thanks.

For me I found a workaround for my stuff to use it with Google Assistant so the exposing to the Cloud is not needed for me anymore.

I, too, cannot get myopenhab to show my items.
OpenHab (itself) shows “online”, and within OpenHab (itself), my Z-Wave devices (items) are all present.
I can control them all via Alexa app, but NOT via IFTTT (as it doesn’t see any devices/items).

I’m running OpenHAB (2.5.0) on Windows 10, and but for myopenhab (cloud), all appears to be working well.

Oddly, if I invoke the “https://myopenhab.org/rest/items” REST method, I get all of my devices back.

If I query any one of those devices “https://myopenhab.org/rest/items/zwave_device_4ccee45d_node5_switch_dimmer”, I get what looks like a valid response:
{“link”:“https://myopenhab.org/rest/items/zwave_device_4ccee45d_node5_switch_dimmer",“state”:“0”,“editable”:true,“type”:“Dimmer”,“name”:“zwave_device_4ccee45d_node5_switch_dimmer”,“label”:"Entry Hall Chandelier”,“category”:“light”,“tags”:[“Lighting”],“groupNames”:[]}

I find it odd that the REST methods return information about all/individual devices, but the “https://myopenhab.org/items” screen shows NOTHING!

The only thing that makes any sense (to me), is that these devices aren’t configured as expected for myopenhab to display them.

SO… Does anyone know what the item.json entry is supposed to look like for a light switch (binary and/or dimmer)?


myopenhab items are currently not available: Myopenhab not reachable

I have the same problem. Exposed items don’t show up under https://myopenhab.org/items for some days now. Although not shown they still work to some extent with IFTTT. But I cannot edit any openhab applet in IFTTT. I get an error “Options Unavailable” when I want to edit the related item.

People, please search before posting.
Adding items and the IFTTT integration with myopenhab cloud has been disabled to prevent this free service from getting overloaded and crashing.

Hi, we know if this problem is solved, if not, how can we connect OH to IFTTT. Maybe it’s silly but limiting the number of elements in the cloud could not be a solution

The OpenHAB Foundation cannot sell services. They do not have the money to expand the free service. They have restricted the free service to give it stability instead of having is undependable for ALL users. I am sure if there was a large enough monthly commitment of funds to the Foundation, they would expand the capacity of their cloud service.Money may be silly, but it is essential.

They have released the code so you can setup your own cloud and possibly sell access to it.

ahhh that is all about money … precisely if that is why give a free service of 3,4,5 items and then with fees plus services, such as NO-IP

@sihui thank you very much for your help but unfortunately my level of OH and programming I don’t think I get to understand that

The openHAB Foundation cannot do that without losing its tax-exempt charity status in Germany, where it is based.
I think they hope some enterprising user will setup a cloud service based off the code and charge for access.

And what happens to the long term OpenHAB supporters & users who currently have more items than that?


The OH foundation which provides the service cannot legally charge users so the users cannot pay for the service.

If you want a paid cloud service for IFTTT, perhaps you want Home Assistant.

Care to share how you did that?

I have added additional items manually in a google.items file and used the Google Assistant Tags for them. For example a rollershutter. I added it in the items file as blind.

After this I connected my Google home to OpenHab and this item was directly visible then. In PaperUI I linked this item as a second item to the rollershutter.
For some other cases I have not linked the google item to a thing, I have used a rule then.