[SOLVED] NAS-DS01Z not reporting

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Celeron 1.6GHz, 4G RAM, 120G SSD
    • OS: CentOS Stream 8
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu 11
    • openHAB version: 3.0.1
  • Issue of the topic: Door sensor not reporting open/closed or battery level

Did a plain install of CentOS 8, added the Zulu11 package after install was complete. OpenHAB stable repo configured and installed the main package and addons. Got a few outlets and light switches added and working. I’ve also got a few battery powered door sensors that appear to be configured but so far I’ve got only NULL for the sensor status and the battery level. Watching the events.log shows no log entries when the door sensor is triggered by opening or closing the door. I am new to OH 3, had a 2.5 setup running but I largely ignored it after I got things working. These door sensors were working previously.

I’ve woken them up multiple times over the last 36 hours or so and still there’s nothing. Looking from the console I can see that they have no neighbors listed.

Where should I start looking to get these sensors working properly?

Your system knows and the binding instructions tell you how to enable DEBUG logging.

That item in the device database has not changed since OH 2.5.0.

Turned on zwave debug logging. Opened the door and clicked the button to do a wakeup and here’s what I see for that node in the openhab.log

file.node5.log (33.1 KB)

Dunno if there’s other info in the log that’s needed but I didn’t want to upload too much.

I am no expert but the log viewer can sometimes help.

Left things to run overnight and these door sensors are still not being seen correctly. The door sensor and battery level are both NULL for these two doors. Along with a couple that are still unknown devices. The doors are being used and all are very close to a mains powered device so they should have fairly decent network connections.

Three of the four were working back in 2.5 so I don’t thing it’s a hardware issue, I think the fourth was working but can’t be sure. Going through all this setup again just can’t seem to get these configured correctly. OH has been restarted, the devices have been woken up and the whole system has been rebooted a couple times. Still no luck.

Not sure where to go from here.

Removed the two door sensors and then readded them to the system under new node IDs. After a few wakeups one of them is behaving as expected but the second is still showing up as an unknown device. I’ve done the wake-up at least a dozen times and restarted OH a couple times without it showing up normally

openhab_log.log (1016.7 KB)

Still can’t get these devices recognized. The ones in question right now are nodes 11, 13, 15, 16 and 17. They are in the system as Unknown Devices and multiple wakeups, telling the controller to heal the devices and the daily heal have not been able to get them recognized. I did manage to get one of them working, node 18 but that’s it.

I’m grabbing at straws here to figure out why they won’t recognize when I know the system should recognize them and did under OH2.5 before I went down this path of rebuilding using OH3.0.

I’d really appreciate it if someone that knows the inner workings of this could browse the log file and provide some kind of answer as to the cause here.

Got these sensors working finally. Reinstalled CentOS from scratch just to get a clean setup. Reset the Aeotec Z-Stick to factory. Setup the clean Z-Stick and added one of the door sensors. It still refused to figure out manufacturer and device model.

Some more googling got me to the the workaround. (Just doesn’t seem like a solution really.)

Delete the thing from OH but not from the controller. Re-add the device and it works just fine suddenly. I went through that on two others. The second one worked like the first. But the last one had to be deleted from OH a second time but then it worked like the first two.

The device stayed awake long enough to complete discovery. I have had that happen at times.