[SOLVED] Need help for off general and sitemap

Good morning all !!
here I still need help
I managed to create a virtual button to turn on and off my lights
Group: Switch: OR (ON, OFF) light “Active Lights [% d]” // e.g. ON and “2”
but I would like him to do only the off how?

then I would like to know how to create parts in sitemap or I have to click on them to see my fixtures and other
as in the demo openhab or we see 1st, ground floor ect … for now I have only managed to do:

sitemap openwebnet label = "house"
 Frame label = "house"
 Mapview item = locationEX height = 4
Text item = Aline label = "aline present [% s]"
Text item = Vincent label = "vincent present [% s]"
Switch item = light label = "general_lumiere" icon = "light"
Switch item = ItsDark label = "night"

Frame label = "children's room"

Default item = inter_children's room icon = "light"

Frame label = "room_of_games"
                     Default item = inter_room_game icon = "light"
Frame label = "salon"
                     Default item = inter_spots_salon icon = "light"
                     Default item = inter_salon icon = "light"
Frame label = "veranda"
                     Default item = inter_spot_veranda icon = "light"
                     Default item = inter_spot_mur icon = "light"
                     Default item = inter_veranda
         Text label = "Room temperature" item = DemoZoneTemperature icon = "temperature"
         Setpoint label = "temperature request" item = DemoZoneSetPoint minValue = 5 maxValue = 35 step = 0.5

thank you for your answer and good day to you !!!

Sitemap line -

Switch item=light mappings=[OFF="OFF"]
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Please use code fences, thanks

First read the manual and check the examples: https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/sitemaps.html

merci bien pour les info tous fonctionne