[SOLVED] Need help with Insteon Leak sensor

So, I have an Insteon leak sensor configured in my items:

Contact brleak “Bathroom Leak Sensor” {

And I have a rule for when it activates:

rule “Alarm”
Item brleak changed from CLOSED to OPEN
logInfo(“contact.rules”, “!!! ALARM !!!”)
sendMail("xxx@gmail.com",“Leak alert!”,“There is a leak in the upstairs bathroom!”)

And I added it to my sitemap:

    Text item=brleak label="Bathroom Leak Sensor" icon="water" labelcolor=["CLOSED"="black","OPEN"="red"]

When I start openHAB I get:

2019-01-20 15:45:15.964 [INFO ] [g.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - device 40.30.4E found in the modem database and the modem controls groups [0x01].

But I don’t get any response when I try to activate the sensor (either by shorting the contacts with a knife blade or dipping the sensor in water.

Any help/advice for getting this working would be greatly appreciated!


What about the thing? Read more about this concept here: https://www.openhab.org/docs/concepts/
Try to configure it using paperUI.
If you have further problems, just mention me :wink:

I have it configured as an Item, should it be a Thing?

The Item is what you can see and set values to it.
The Thing is the physical Thing.
Normaly you need both.
I’m testing the Configuration in my openHAB and I will check yours…
Did you read the Insteon PLM Binding Docs?

Insteon is a legacy binding and Paper UI can’t be used. It only supports text config.

You need to look at you logs and make sure your modem is seeing this device. That is step one. Once the modem sees the device then you can sort out the items config.

Yes. When I get home I need to add links with Insteon Terminal.

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I added the PLM as a responder on groups 1,2, and 4 using Insteon Terminal, and configured the leak sensor as a controller for the PLM manually. Now it’s working!

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I got some of the 2852-222 Leak Sensors a few days ago. I added them to my ISY and they showed up in the Paper inbox. I did some testing by putting them in some water and I saw the wet & dry events get triggered in OH. But I do wonder how the heartbeat is supposed to work. They’ve been sitting on station for a few days now and I only saw one heartbeat the day after I set them up. Am I supposed to see something periodically? I was hoping they’d send out a signal at least once a day so I can set up a timer that watches for them and alerts me if a heartbeat is missed.

Skip, I’m still just trying to get basic notifications working. I know there are a couple of threads about insteon heartbeat settings on this forum somewhere.

Does this solution bypass openhab completely? Just using Insteon controller/responder?

Scott, once you pair the leak sensor with the terminal app they can be addressed in OpenHAB.