[SOLVED] Need rule for HUE Motion Sensor switching lights

Hi there,

I’m running OH 2.4 and added my first motion sensor. This sensor is located in a bath room and should turn on the lights as soon as motion ist detected, turning it off 1 Minute aber no motion is detected.

To test it, I did not yet connect the lights, but let the rule send an email when the sensor changes to ON and another mail when it changes to OFF.

As a result i receive an email “light on” as one enters the room and in the follwing two mails per minute (light off" - “light on” as long as the room is occupied which would result in some kind of a flickering light every minute.

Any ideas here? Thanks in advance.


Posting your rule would be a good start…

The rules are pretty simple so far as they represent a first test:

// Bewegungsmelder WC Test

rule “Licht an im Gäste-WC”
Item WC_Bewegung_sw changed to ON
sendMail (“xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx”, “Gäste-WC Licht an”, " ")

rule “Licht aaus im Gäste-WC”
Item WC_Bewegung_sw changed to OFF
sendMail (“xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx”, “Gäste-WC Licht aus”, " ")

The problem seems to that after triggering the sensor gets inactive for a minute, switches to off after that period of time, gets active again and triggers due to motion in the room.

All that is perfectly normal behaviour for a motion sensor.
What do you want to achieve?

When the sensor detects motion it should turn on the light and switch it off when the person leaves the room, i.e. if there is no motion anymore. Ideally it should wait for 1 minute or 2 before switching it off.

That’s it. Thanks a lot!