[SOLVED] NEO Coolcam PD03Z PIR Motion Sensor: Fastest retrigger time?


I’ve set the PD03Z’s parameters like this:

  • 2: ON/OFF Duration Setting = 12
  • 6: Re-trigger Interval = 8
  • 12: Motion Event Report One Time Enable = Disable One time Motion Function

I see the alarm_motion channel go to ON and back to OFF correctly, however this takes a varying time between 40-70 seconds, which seems odd. I’d expect a way shorter time (along the lines of what param #2 says, i.e. 12 secs), and according to the setting of param #12 (disabling One-time motion feature) I’d expect a re-trigger even if the switch channel is still ON. But that doesn’t happen.

So waht is actually the fastest time the alarm_motion channel will go back from ON to OFF, and does re-trigger really work while that channel is still ON?


“Solved”: the sensor fell on the floor from 2m height, immediately afterwards everything worked as expected :open_mouth:

It was not handled roughly enough during shipping??? :roll_eyes:

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So thats the trick to use in the future I guess :smiley: