[SOLVED] Netatmo Binding refactoring

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This is from https://www.wunderground.com/weather/api/

This is a relatively recent change in policy. Only those of us who acquired an API key before the change in policy have an API key and have access to the free plan. For now at least.

I am afraid that is not possible. AFAIK none of both provides a public API.

oh sorry… ok that was new to me… thanks for this info…

so hopefully we will be able to use the data in the future for free… but its better to look for alternatives…

For weather in North America I started looking at reports from NOAA. Unlike most of these other services, including Wunderground, their forecast is based on models and human review. But the data they return isn’t very easy to parse so I’ve been stalled a bit in my progress.

a quick search brought me to https://openweathermap.org/api with a real free API…

I need to take a closer few in the next days… and maybe i will use them in the future…

but… also we should create another topic for this… to keep this “Netatmo” topic clean from our “other Binding” replys :smiley:

@kugelsicha Check this out:

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Hello to everybody
I have OpneHAB 2.3 and the Netatmo system in my home.
With the standard binding the internal end external weather modules works well, but the thermostat module doesn’t work very well.
All the items and channel are ON-LINE, and when I give a command the Netatmo sever receve it correctly, but the item doesn’t refresh well.
(for example if you change manually set point mode … )
@rudolph.io where I can found the .jar file of the new binding for test it?
thanks in advance


you can compile it from the repo (https://github.com/navybk/openhab2-addons) or try this compiled one (early beta phase) https://github.com/navybk/openhab2-addons/releases/download/netatmo/org.openhab.binding.netatmo-2.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Recently the room support was added and it works as far as I see but sending commands is not possible yet.

Hey @rudolph.io,

do you plan to support the Netatmo Presence? I tried your release but the presence wasn’t detected.


I’d like to. The lib already has all needed andpoints configured but I did not work on the Openhab2-Things, but I do not own such devices. So I need some help with concrete return values. If you could provide them, I would invest some time on these.

I think it would be the best approach to start with the kotlin lib or? I can provide raw api responses if you like. How can I do it?
I’ve downloaded and compiled https://github.com/navybk/netatmo-java-api. I had to add


to JacksonTransform to get it working. There are unknown properties coming through the API.


I just added some minor testing commits for your purpose. Please run the PresenceTest and WelcomeTest, copy the output, obfuscate all personal information in the call result bodies and send it to me please. I have to check the json against the lib which was created aligned to the netatmo documentation. Afterwards I can adjust the openhab2-binding.

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A new version with alpha presence support is out there. It should work, the presence camera does not differ from welcome camera api wise. File available here https://github.com/navybk/openhab2-addons/releases/tag/beta2

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Hi @rudolph.io
i would like to test the new Netatmo Binding. But i’m struggeling in setting up the binding. is there a short howto available how to get the binding working?
i see only this information:

Status: OFFLINE Pending parent object initialization

BR Dave

Good morning,

Did you add the Home Thing first? I see a main problem here and will to change this behavior to a more independent and generic one but for now try to add the home first

Good morning
now i uninstalled Home and Presence Item. Then i restarted Openhab.

then i installed the Home Item with the Home ID but then this is also OFFLINE

after this i installed Presence and this is also OFFLINE

any idea?

Hi Rudolph,

Do you have any plans to add the “Tell Welcome everybody has left the house” function of the Netatmo Security app?
I’m planning to use that to have my alarm system tell Welcome that nobody is home.

It is documented in the Welcome APi here: https://dev.netatmo.com/resources/technical/reference/security/setpersonsaway:
“If a person_id is specified, that person will be set as “Away”. If no person_id is specified, the Home will be set as “Empty”.”



Hi Rudolph,

I’m trying the beta 2 of your binding but after the configuration of the Netatmo API I receive the following error:

Cannot trigger scan for thing types ‘[netatmo:NHC, netatmo:NATherm1, netatmo:NACamera, netatmo:NAPlug, netatmo:NOC, netatmo:NAMain, netatmo:NAWelcomeHome, netatmo:Room, netatmo:Home, netatmo:NRV, netatmo:NAWelcomePerson, netatmo:NAModule3, netatmo:NAModule4, netatmo:NAModule1, netatmo:NAModule2]’ on ‘NetatmoModuleDiscoveryService’!

when trying to scan for components.


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is this fork still maintained and is there any further work done on the presence camera? Would live to know if I can support.

I‘m facing the same problems. How did you solve it?