[SOLVED] Netatmo multiple indoor modules, Model ID conflict


I would like to add multiple indoor modules to my openhab system. The MainModule (NAMain), OutdoorModule (NAModule1) and one IndoorModule (NAModule4) running well.

But I can not add a second IndoorModule.
If I take “NAModule2”, it seems to be the netatmo wind sensor.
The “NAModule3” is the rain sensor.
If I take a look in the paperUI the Model ID is also “NAModule4” for my second IndoorModule. Two Modules with the same Model ID, how to get it work?

Any idea?


I do this with scripts.
so I have no idea where to set this, yet in the neatmo.things I have

Thing NAMain inside [ id=“zzz” ]
Thing NAModule4 shower [ id=“xxx”, parentId=“zzz” ]
Thing NAModule4 bedroom [ id=“yyy”, parentId=“zzz” ]

so the id’s are different (and I got from the netatmo site. )

thx, I got it :slight_smile:

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