[SOLVED] Network binding outputs a on/off, change possible?


in this example in the documentation (see below) for a network binding it outputs a On or Off state in my UI.
Are there more possible outputs to play around with or can i change the words of the output to something i want?
i assume this [%s] is doing this?
I can not realy find anything in the documentation about this, unless i am doing something wrong.

example would be:
ON = Online
OFF = Offline
or w/e :slight_smile:

sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
	Frame {
		Text item=MyDevice label="Device [%s]"

Thank you

Sure you can, here’s a pic of my sitemap

Frame label="Garage Door and Motion Detection"
		Switch item=Proxy_Motion label="Turn OFF to Disable Motion Dection for 1 hour"
		Text item=ESP_Easy_Door label="Garage Door [MAP(esp.map):%s]"
		Text item=Esp_Easy_Motion label="Garage Movement [%s]" labelcolor=[OFF="green", ON="red"]   valuecolor=[OFF="green", ON="red"]
		Text item=Esp_Garage_Lightlevel label="Garage Light Level [%d %%]"
		Text item=Proxy_Lightlevel label="Garage Light Status [%s]"

Note the MAP transformation on the ESP_Easy_Door item. It’s an mqtt comm that comes in as either a 1 or 0. I use MAP to change it to OPEN and CLOSED.

In the transform, esp,map file I have:


Great news, though again some more info, i hoped it would have just been 1 line to add :p, i will have a look at the mqtt, seen this passing by a couple of times now :slight_smile:

but nice, label color and value color can be chosen.
Very usefull info!