[SOLVED] New beginner. Z-Wave sensor?

Hi guys! I’m new here and I’m a beginner with home automation. Now I have Google Home Mini and a Yeelight bulb, and started with openHAB (great job, by the way!).

I want to continue with a door sensor and my first choice was the Aqara sensor (its cheap) but I read that I need the Xiaomi’s gateway. I don’t want to buy a gateway for every “brach” (Xiaomi, Samsung…) so I have been reading and I was convinced by the Z-Wave protocol. I figure that I don’t need a gateway if the sensor and the other components run with this protocol. Am I right?

So, if I buy the Aeotec Z-Wave USB Adapter and the NAS-DS01Z Sensor (I read in Openhab documentation that it is supported), am I on the right path? Any suggestions?

Thank you so much!

Yes that should work just fine.

Yeah! Thak you for the quick answer!