[SOLVED] New to OpenHab - looking for Kodi Binding

I just install OpenHab version : 0.9.0.b2 I believe this is OpenHab2, that is what I intended to install. I looked for kodi but can’t find it in the bindings to try and set it up. It is not included in the initial installation? Again, I am new to OpenHab, just starting with it. TIA.

How did you install and how did you find that version number? That is not a valid OH version number.

I found it on community.openhab.org “KaiKai KreuzerMaintainerApr '16
If you do a call to http://localhost:8080/rest/62, you will see a version like {“version”:“”…
This is the version of the used ESH build, since the REST API is defined there.
You cannot retrieve the OH build number or anything like that through REST, though.”

I found a youtube tutorial at “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=989qStDLBUc&t=8s

I have a raspberry pi and attempted to install it there. I can and will start over if you have a better recommendation (tutorial) on how to install on raspberry pi. Thanks for your response.

I am not sure what a OH version number is.

Version 2.2 has just been released.


To install follow the documentation: http://docs.openhab.org/

Thanks very much!

Thank you. I re-installed it and have the latest now I believe. I have found KODI. Thanks for your help.