[SOLVED] Newb Question: Adding tags on Windows 10 for Google Assistant Integration

I’m so sorry, but I’ve been at this for hours and don’t have the knowledge to get it done. I’ve got a newborn who won’t sleep and I’m just out of energy.

Windows 10. OpenHAB setup as a windows service.

I’m looking for someone to help me add tags to my items so I can dim my z-wave switches with OpenHAB2 and google assistant.

I’ve installed Habmin (version 2.0.0) through the paper user interface, but the tag field is grayed out. I’ve tried using putty to console the and the Rest API code posted, but can’t seem to get that to work.

Can someone please help? I’m starting to regret not just getting a smartthings hub.

Thanks in advance,

That’s the way:

Bottom one:

Thank you for your help, so this is where I’m being dense. I’ve installed the Rest API Documentation and generated the following as you instructed:

curl -X PUT --header “Content-Type: application/json” --header “Accept: application/json” “http://localhost:8080/rest/items/BedroomCeilingLight/tags/Lighting

So, do I just login to openHAB trough putty and type that script in? When I do, it returns the error “curl not found”. I think I’m missing a step.


Should give a hint. Make sure you have curl installed. And do NOT RUN the curl command inside OH console.

Thank you so much, and my crying baby thanks you. It’s great to be able to have your hands full and ask google to turn on the nursery light so you can change poopy diapers. You’ve been a huge help.

For anyone else in this situation, I installed the Rest Documentation from the OpenHAB Paper UI (Add-ons, then misc). Entered my item labels in the Rest API, Items, Put field along with the tag (Lighting, in this case) and click “Try it out”. Copy the resulting “curl” code . Then, and here’s where I was stuck, Windows 10 comes with curl installed/included. You just need to type “cmd” into your search to open a command interface. I right clicked and ran as administrator, don’t know if this is needed. Paste in the curl code, hit enter, and repeat for each of your devices. Follow the remaining documentation for setting up OpenHAB in google assistant and your golden.

Thanks again vzorglub and luckymallari for your help.