[SOLVED] Nexa ZV-9101? Unknown device

According to the compatible devices list this item should be possible to use with Openhab/Z-wave binding … still it doesn’t get identified properly …

I am using Openhab 2.3 … could that be the issue ? Is the device included in a newer version of the binding ? Does anyone have it working ?

OpenHAB 2.3 is ancient. That device was last updated in the database in June, after 2.4 was released. The database is part of the zwave binding. You could update to the latest testing release, 2.5M3. 2.5 will likely get released at the end of this year, about 6 months behind the original schedule.

There has been much work integrating Eclipse Smart Home and redesigning the build system. Milestone 3 has been stable for me.

Thanks! Had postponed upgrade since my 2.3 installation worked like a charm… but now Im running on 2.5 and the device was of course identified correctly…

I assume you are running 2.5M3. Whenever 2,5 is released as a stable version I would upgrade to that.