[SOLVED] Nikobus connected but no interaction is possible

Hello, I installed openhab on my synology box. I have an USB to serial connected inserted in the USB port and added drivers to the synology OS. A /dev/ttyUSB0 devices is created with the driver and can be used by openhab.

In the log, I get the following message:

23:32:04.075 [INFO ] [kobus.internal.core.NikobusInterface] - Connected to Nikobus :slight_smile:

If I disconnect the serial cable and restart openhab, I don’t get the message. When I then insert the serial cable, it immediately prints the message, so I assume the connection is legit and the message is correct.

I use the

openhab> log:set DEBUG otg.openhab.binding.nikobus
openhab> log:tail

but, nothing happens. If I’m not mistaken, I should get information about my nikobus system when I press buttons, but no messages are displayed, even after hours…

Can somebody help me with this?

Thanx a lot

It has to be

openhab> log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.nikobus

now I feel stupid … Ok, thanx a lot, it is working now!!

The error is on the official documentation of the nikobus module:


Thank you for the hint. I changed it and created a pull request.

Please think about whether you want to mark the solution. :slight_smile: