[SOLVED] No configuration for NAS-WR01ZE (Neo Coolcam powerplug)

Hi everyone,

I’ve NAS-WR01ZE Neo Coolcam powerplug (version 2.21) and according to the manual and zwave database, there are suppose to be configuration options (such as Meter report, LED enable/disable, etc). But both in Paperui and Habmin, there are no configuration options.
I’m using OpenHABian on a RPi 3b+ with the latest OpenHAB 2.5RC1. In version 2.5M5 is wasn’t there either.

I’m missing something?

Not related to this, but if I tag this post with zwave, I get an error 500 when I click Create Topic. With tag z-wave there is no error.

Delete the Thing and readd it.

Thanks! That did the trick

For me that didn’t worked on Openhab 2.5.0 release :frowning: have the same device.

Please don’t double post.