[SOLVED] No KNX connection possible

Spent now several hours of testing and post reading, but no success. I simple want to get my KNX connected, followed the guide (manually configured the knx.cfg in openhab2/conf/services, and added an item. However, no element could be found. Other bindings work, just as the AVM router device.

Any general strategy to get the problem fixed? When is the v2 binding for KNX expected to get productive? I am not a developer, I just like to get my visu running in the HabPanel and let the coding stuff behind…

My knx.cfg settings are as follows:

Just tried to add some simple items, just like
…even these simple ones did not work.

Is there an alternative environment (CometVisu?) to avoid such scripting and have an easier way via configuration / with wizards.

If using a knx router, the setting would be