[SOLVED] No Mapview-Image in Sitemap

Hello together,

I want to integrate Mapview in my Sitemap and use the latest OH Version 2.3.

For this i use the Demo-Item:
Location DemoLocation “Brandenburg Gate Berlin”

and following in my sitemap:
Frame label=“Map/Location” {
Mapview item=DemoLocation icon=movecontrol height=10

Unfortunately no image is displayed in my sitemap.

Should i install something else or do I need a HTML-File?

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This works

Please post your item and Rule please.
What OS and java-version and browser do you use?

rule “MapMyLocation”
System started
var PointType home = new PointType(“49.46044,11.02997”)

Frame label=“Location” {
Mapview item=DemoLocation icon=movecontrol height=10

Location DemoLocation “Nürnberg”

I use Windows 10, java Version 1.8.0_152 and Chrome

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I used your code and now it works! Thank you very much!