[SOLVED] No things file

Hey Guys,

i dont have a things file in my default /etc/openhab2/things.
Though i have loads of things :slight_smile:
Is there perhaps a different file location that i can find this please?

Did you setup your things through PaperUI. If yes, the things are not stored in that folder. That’s true for items/rules also which are made through PaperUI

thx for the reply.
That is correct, these are setup via the UI.
Where can i find the correct file please?
Got 1 thing i can not delete via the UI.
error 409 Conflict

2018-10-20 13:18:28.523 [INFO ] [st.core.internal.thing.ThingResource] - Received HTTP DELETE request for update at 'things/ipcamera:ONVIF:001' for an unmanaged thing 'ipcamera:ONVIF:001'.


All config data are stored in a json database, the docs (see above) can tell you more. But be warned, if this file gets corrupted you likely need to start over from scratch.

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thx for the reply and warning.