[SOLVED] Nodered not running on my fresh Openhab

I am newbie & tomorrow I successfully boot Openhab on RPI3.
Version:- Openhabian-v1-4-released/37398

After completion of Openhab installation I can open its console by typing >>IP of Pi:8080>> in web browsr & discover things successfully.

I also trying to open nodered by typing >>IP-of-Pi:1880>>. But not getting nodered running.

Do I have to install it by SSH client??? Or
do I have to start it from SSH client???

Use the openhabian config tool to add Node red.

From the command line use this:

sudo openhabian-config

After a new window opens do the following:

Move down and select Optional Components then Node Red (#25)

Problem solved.
Followed documentation procedure is mentioning below URL

I ssh raspberry Pi from my laptopudo
Applied command :- openhabian-config
& Front install nodered & it’s working.

Glad to see you have it working.:+1:

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