[Solved] Not able to configure MiLight Bridge V6 / iBox2

Hello Guys,

i have trouble with integrating iBox 2 into OpenHAB2 … in my Inbox the Network device will be found, but not as MiLight Bridge, but only as:

Network Device (192.168.xxx.xxx)
Unkown device

My second Bridge V3 will be correctly displayed and can be configure.

Than i tried to add the thing manually and create a file “MiLight.things” in directory /etc/openhab2/things with following syntax:

Bridge milight:bridgeV6:xxxxxxxxxxxx [ ADDR=“192.168.xxx.xxx”, ID=“xxxxxxxxxxxx” ] {
Thing rgbwwLed 0
Thing rgbwwLed 1
Thing rgbwwLed 2
Thing rgbwwLed 3

But in PaperUI this Things are not to find. the entry is not. What i doing wrong?