[SOLVED] OH 3.0.1 - Cannot switch light off - Cannot find log files

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Synology NAS 220
    • Java Runtime Environment: Java 11
    • openHAB version: 3.0.1

I´m using OH 3.0.1 with docker.
I configured the three files paths and configured them in docker.
But no log files are written!?!?

I´m an absolute beginner with openHAB

I´m using the Hue- and the shelly binding.
If I create a item for a shelly plug I get the switch on the screen and I can switch the plug on. But I cannot switch it off again.
If I try it with a hue lamp I can change the color temperature with a slider but I cannot change any values for the color nor can I switch it off.
The display for power of the shelly plug only shows “-” but if I click on “analyse” there a values in the diagram.

Please help :wink:

From your description you seem to have missconfigured something.
If you would tell us how you configured the things, channels and items we probably could tell.
For the logs read this Thread.

I configured everything according to the video " OpenHAB 3 | Philips HUE verbinden, Lampen und Temperatur in Model einbinden" von Andi´s Simple IT-Stuff.
What other way do you propose to descripe how I configured the things, channels and items?

We always recommend following the official documentation. There is no official video documentation.

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Used HTTPS to open openhab. Then everything worked fine.
Changed the file paths to lowercase for the log files…