[SOLVED] - OH (Openhabian) in V2.4.x - Image needed

Hi all,

I’m quite new with Openhabian, started my “career” in Nov 19 with Openhabian V2.4.x on a Pi 4.
Amongst others, I’m using a ZigBee USB Stick (cc2531, here) and have a lot of items running the ZigBee protocol.

Please don’t asked me why but I updated to Openhabian V2.5.3 and since that, USB Stick does not work anymore, meanwhile it’s a known Issue/Bug…

Q: Does anyone have an Openhabian image of V2.4.x he/she can share with me? All I can find are images which are not bootable. I’m using balena etcher to create a bootable SD-Card for my Pi 4.

Thanks in advanced

You’re talking about openHABian, not OH. No there is no such image because OH is not contained in openHABian images but downloaded right on install, so you always get the latest version.
You can downgrade to an older OH version provided it’s still in the repository such as explained here. Make sure you install openhab2, openhab2-addons and openhab2-addons-legacy packages.


yup, you are right, I’m taking about openHAB ian.
Is there no other way of creating it manually?

PS: Will update my post

I don’t have a Raspberry Pi, so can’t comment with any authority.

If you know the exact version of OH that you want, have you tried a command like this ?

apt-get install openhab2=2.4.0-1
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Hi @mstormi,
do you have an example or can paint me to the place where I have to add it?
I have a Openhabian Image. That, I install and after 20 Min, it’s done.

How can I downgrade or is that already too late?

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Just follow these steps to change to whatever OH version you want.

Do you actually read the answers others take the time to write for you ?
See link in my post.

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Hi @mstormi

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sudo apt-cache madison openhab2
sudo apt install openhab2=2.4.0-1

did the job.
Thanks a lot