[SOLVED] OH2.5.0 Zwave problems all of a sudden

I’m baffled.

I have openhabian running 2.5. I was gone for the week and my wife noticed some of the lights were staying on and acting weird so I investigated…

The aeotec stick was solid blue vs rotating the colors like normal. So I reset and things started working again and then got unresponsive. I checked and the aeotec was back to blue again and another time the light was off and then another time it was rotating again.

Here’s where it gets interesting - i have a complete back up pi and aeotec stick. So I switched to that setup and the same problem existed in the exact same way.

I’m thinking I have a zwave network problem since i can’t point the finger at the aeotec stick or the openhabian environment. My habmin network map is a mess and all the things either have PING or REQUEST_NIF as their status.

It seems to work just fine after a few hours of the automatic network heal at night…when I reset it, nothing works well for about 30-45 min after the reset.

I do have about 40 zwave devices and recently added a quad wallmote which is the only major change I made (besides implementing zram).

My question is…where should I be looking? Logs are fine - no errors or warnings, ZWAVE logs seem to have lots of activity but not sure what to look for.

After more reading it seems this might be related to the zwave issues after nightly heal problem.

I’m going to disable the nightly heal for now until there’s a better solution.